Saturday, October 23, 2010

another first

i do not quite remember how the conversation came up, but i told ashley that i have never carved a pumpkin. (that i remember doing anyway) I was supposed to get a pumpkin last week. but when i got down to hyvee, i did not know what i should get. so i decided to wait till ashley could come along with me as she has carved em before.
so tonight while we were doing our weekly shopping, we decided to pick some up and give it a whirl.
so here are some pictures of our venture into the art of pumpkin carving.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

When life Hands you lemons........

Jake and I have been running into bad luck! First and For most Jake was recently laid off of work..... But we were expecting this so I wouldn't call it bad luck as much as just Unavoidable. Now the Interesting stuff... We got a call the other day from our land lord telling us that They are having marital issues and that the wife would like us to kindly pack up our stuff and leave!!!! My thoughts on this were ummmmmmmm NO! lol. we have spent most of our (jake and I) time fixing up this nursery now they want us to up and leave before we could even bring our son home to it. We had calmly talked to her and stated that we have signed a One yr lease and that with out Buying us out of our lease we are not willing to move. After all was said and done Jake and I still have a place to live but It has been very stressful. THANK GOODNESS FOR CONTRACTS!!!
One good aspect of Jake being laid off is that he gets to work on his car!!!! Its up and rumbling!!! lol.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everything Update!!!!!

So I Am 36wks Preggers and ready to POP!!! We have the Nursery all ready, the Bassenet/pak n play up and are installing the Car seat tomorrow. We Had are Dr. Appt today and Found out that I am 2cm Dilated and 75% effaced which means he might be making his appearance Early. We Have recently taken our Maternity pictures!!!! It was really nice to get some pictures with Jake and I.
We have Also tried planning are Wedding in this Time before the baby is born. We have Already booked the Ceremony site and Reception site, Both will be Held in Sioux city and we couldn't be happier with the venues!!! I have been working on Save the Date cards for Jake and I. We took Engagement photos when we took our Maternity photos!
Keep Reading Our little Bean will Be coming soon and this will be the First place we post Photo's!